REVIEW: Sky Blue Cafe

Who doesn’t love a quaint, street-corner café? Sky Blue Cafe is the quintessential neighborhood spot.  The outside of the café reminded me of that classic mob movie scene, like A Bronx Taleof gangsters hanging outside of the local neighborhood café.  Instead of mobsters there were East Nashville hipsters sipping free coffee at picnic tables while they wait the half hour to be seated inside.

Sky Blue Cafe is located in the historic Edgefield neighborhood of East Nashville and is known for comfort breakfast food that caters to both meat-lovers and vegetarians. We’re currently eating according to the Whole30 plan, so the variety of options falling within our limited range was the very reason we chose to come for breakfast the morning after the Fourth of July.

Upon arrival, the friendly hostess informed us the wait would be 30 minutes. Kind of a bummer due to the extreme heat that day.  We decided to stick it out and I grabbed a cup of the aforementioned free coffee.

IMG_0311 2

Hot coffee on a 100° day was not the best choice. A pitcher of ice cold water for the parched, waiting patrons would have served us better. After 30 minutes, we started to get sweaty, hungry and antsy. Thankfully, our name was called about 10 minutes later.

Inside, the cafe is cozy, quaint and kitschy and the compact size certainly explained the longer wait. But, the combination of waiting outside for what seemed like an eternity only to be squeezed into a tiny restaurant seated a forearms length from the next diners took me right back to brunching in NYC.


The menu is awesome! Eating out on the Whole30 plan is extremely hard for breakfast in particular – almost everything includes bread and cheese.  However, the options at Sky Blue ticked every box:  omelettes, fresh veggies, breakfast burritos, breakfast bowls, a variety of eggs benedict and “The Sweetness” section for those with a hankering for something sweet. OMG, that Brie French Toast was calling my name. Alas, I went with the Lo’s Bowl with poached eggs and without the parmesan. Sean ordered the Florentine Benedict and we added a side of turkey sausage because protein, right?


The portions were massive! The Lo’s bowl was packed with bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms grilled to perfection on a bed of wilted spinach. Unfortunately, the poached eggs were over and basically boiled rather than poached. A forkful of the ripe avocado with grilled veggies in a dusting of paprika with Nashville’s own Añejo hot sauce was a delicious bite. My cold brew coffee with almond milk also hit the spot after sitting in the heat for 40 minutes.

On the other side of the table, Sean’s eggs were poached flawlessly with two runny yolks. He conveniently “forgot” the Florentine Benedict comes with an english muffin, which he claimed was very tasty, as was the spinach, garlic and tomato mixed with the perfectly runny eggs. Sean found his iced latte to be weak compared to other coffee shops in the area. The turkey sausage had great flavor but a rubbery texture, so we’d leave that off next time.


Finally, as a lover of hot sauce with breakfast, or with anything for that matter, their huge selection of hot sauces and condiments was the cherry on top. The sauces and assorted jams are displayed in a sky blue cabinet with pitchers, tea pots and an aviator- sporting Maneki-neko lining the top which contributed to the fun, kitschy “Grandma’s house” vibe of the cafe.


The service lived up to the Nashville friendliness we’ve started to become accustomed to and our waitress was very nice, patient and full of recommendations. She also never interrupted us or rushed us despite the throng of hungry patrons waiting outside.

If you’re having a lazy, slow walk-about the neighborhood kind of day, this is the spot for you. If you’re in a rush or are hangry head about a mile down the street to The Post East which serves similarly delicious, locally-sourced fare in a larger shop. I found Sky Blue Cafe to be a cute, local neighborhood joint with solid breakfast food and I’d certainly recommend it if you’re in the area. Next time, I’ll be having the Brie French Toast or the Armadillo grilled cheese (holy moly that looks insane!). Stay tuned!

Rating*:  3.8 | More Info:  Sky Blue Cafe | Neighborhood:  Historic Edgefield in East Nashville | Cuisine Type:  American, Local
*Ratings are based on a 5 point scale with 5 being an exceptional, extremely satisfactory experience. Factors taken into consideration when reviewing include atmosphere, service, taste, food/drink preparation, quality & innovation, and cost relative to the previous factors.

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